Caleb McIntosh
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In his memory  
We will always remember Caleb for his laughter, his jokes, and his love of his family.  I can still see him doing his funny little "happy dance" in the kitchen the day he received the letter from Marshall University with his dorm assignment.  He was a little boy always on the move - he broke more than he fixed, but it never mattered to us.  He was into everything.  If you couldn't find something - ask Caleb - he knew where everything was!!! 
He was loyal and dedicated to his friends.  He always gave 200% when it came to getting the job done.  Everyone he ever worked for said he was the best employee they ever had.  He loved babies and children.  I can still hear the little girls from next door (ages 5 and 3) coming over to ask if Caleb (age 18) could come out and play.  He loved his niece Keara dearly.  When no one else could get her to sleep, Caleb always could.  He didn't get to meet his nephew Jay, but they would have been wonderful buddies - they are so much alike. 
We don't know why he left us, we now understand the pain he was in emotionally, but we weren't given the chance to help him because he never told us.  We will miss him to the depths of our souls forever.  Peace sweet son.  Love Mom
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